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The Story of Haley's Handmades

From Artist to Entrepreneur


Haley's Handmades is brought to you by one artist Haley McCurry. Haley began making polymer clay earrings during the Covid-19 outbreak of the spring of 2020.

She found herself sent back to her hometown in Washington during the pandemic. After struggling with the stress of online school she found herself searching for a creative outlet to cope. After honing her skills she sent out her earrings to her college friends across the country as a means to reconnect.

Since returning to campus Haley launched her business full scale. Now offering online shopping as well as in person shopping at local pop ups. Based in Worcester MA, Haley has found  a very welcoming art scene where she hopes to grow her mediums of Jewelry making. 

When you support Haley's Handmades you are supporting an individual artist that is also a full time University student meaning you are supporting so much more than just a small business. 

Pursuing a Full time Law Degree Haley's Handmades not only supports her financially but spiritually. Creating and connecting with others through Jewelry has been a dream come true. 

About the Artist: About Us
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